Primed with freshly baked cupcakes, and her sparkly feather pen, Meredyth sets off to find last minute replacement roommates for her perfectly decorated, three bedroom apartment in NYC. "Tri-State” is about a girl in the prime of her naivety who desperately makes every effort to form a familial bond with her new roommates; the only two girls who responded to her ridiculously elaborate Craigslist Ad. In NYC, when you need roommates to get the rent paid, opposites will attract. 

“Tri-State” is about finding yourself, letting people in, and embracing the uncomfortable. It is thinking you have it all figured out, yet learning you have no idea. It’s about never really knowing someone until you live with them, and once you do, you can’t imagine living without them.

Written by Women - Produced by Women - Starring Women

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